Winter in the Park 4


After the floods of the first race in the series at Kent Cyclopark, it was a relief to have a nice crisp Winter’s day to go racing… Once again Caelan started behind the under 10’s and was able to go with them for the first half of the lap before being dropped by Harrison Powell and George Pace both LVYCC racers. Caelan diced the next 5 laps with Maya Tarlton (LVYCC) and Cameron Coxon of Wigmore CC who as a club were well represented on the day. Eventually with two laps remaining the Wigmore racer pulled away to leave Caelan taking a sprint finish from Maya to take first in his category and 4th overall. The battle royale between Harrison and George was eventually decided with Harrison executing an early sprint to claim first comfortably. Good racing and the last Caelan will do as an under 8, as 2013 he moves up to Category D under 10’s for the next two years and most definitely stiffer competition in his rookie year in the class.

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