Caelan had been wanting to tackle Hillingdon circuit since racing against their Harvey Tadman and remembering an invite to visit from his grandmother, the wife of former pro’ racer Brian Tadman.

Well nuts it was as a surge in entries went from 62 to 131. The field for the thirty minute race consisted of Under 8’s, Under 10’s and Under 14’s with a delayed start of about 20 seconds with the older groups heading off first. Caelan moved straight into first place and within two laps caught the slower under 10’s and after 15 minutes  joined their lead group… He stayed with them for a couple of laps then went off early to finish comfortably…

I did worry as I could see that the lap counting would be a problem as riders were so spread out with not enough markers, but a couple of days later Caelan was noted as the winner of his category on the British Cycling web-site, alas a few days later he was demoted to second. I contacted the organiser and was informed that the parents of the second placed rider thought their child had won as he was cheered over the line…  I explained my version of events and was sent a word document explaining how the lap-counting process had become over burdened so I guess we were not the only ones to complain… Yes, Cycling Nuts by name Cycling Nuts by nature… Great race though…

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