After racing the last few weeks in the Eastern Cyclocross League and managing to take a few wins, CJ decided to switch things up and missed Round 8 in favour of the Rapha Supercross at Alexandra Palace, North London.

The 2012 Supercross video on the Rapha web-site promised plenty of action as well as fun with frites, Belgian beer, cowbells, tequila shots (not for minors), Rouleur magazine on site plus music and more. On the drive down we wondered about the standard of the competition knowing that the under 10’s category would probably have plenty of N. London types with their precious offspring’s on tiny Islabikes, while hardcore boy racers were contesting the same mud and tarmac space.


Alas, we were on the mark once we arrived and signed on. Thankfully CJ spotted some Welwyn Wheelers CC and Sutton CC shirts so a race was definitely on the cards against some proper youth racers. CJ was also informed on the line that the Central Cyclocross League’s most dominant under 10 racer, Jed Smithson of Oxonian CC wearing a Team SKY outfit was ready to do battle.


From the whistle CJ sprinted into the lead and started to navigate the course in control and by the end of lap one he had at least a ten second lead. Though as they say, the race is not for the swift but for who can endure… By lap two Smithson was making up ground and just before the Spiral of Doom he made contact. CJ could see he was being caught and eased of the gas to take his wheel as they entered the taped up narrow circle.


Smithson then went to overtake a slow back marker and was downed in the attempt with CJ swiftly following suit of his own accord. Fortunately he reacted quickly and decided to run with his steed around the uphill section (used to great effect by James Fraser of CC Ashwell in the under 12’s) before remounting and finding himself back in front.


Again he pushed hard and held the lead until the finish line and was relieved to take the win by near 20 seconds, especially as the beginning of the St Jude’s day storm made hard work of the final straight.


A post race interview made the day all the more exciting and full credit to Rapha for putting on a great showpiece and getting the youth racers involved. Race report and results at UK CycleSport.


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