CJ Alan Rosner 7


Firstly, the days racing was in memorial to Alan Rosner [1941–2012] who passed away last year after working tirelessly in the cycling community and with Eastern Region Youth & Junior racers. The organisation and racing was a credit to his name and the funds raised will be used to purchase a memorial bench to be placed at Hog Hill where he spent many enjoyable hours watching the action.

And talking of the action, the under 10’s pushed a reasonable pace for the first couple of laps with the usual agitators up front and for bad company CJ had Billy Gilbey of VC Londres CC, Archie Sloane of VC Jubilee, Joe Kiely & Tom Davies of Welwyn Wheelers, James Fraser of Cycle Club Ashwell, Maya Tarlton LVYCC and Lucas Barclay of Arctic Sram RT all spoiling for the honours in this inaugural race.

The status quo was maintained until Tom Davies broke from the pack and pushed ahead with a lead he would maintain to the finish. James Fraser gave chase though he could not bridge the increasing gap but held station for second leaving CJ in a group of five. He pushed a couple of times hoping to get to the Ashwell rider but decided a fight for third was the best he could get out of the cold and dreary April Fool’s morning.

The bell rang and at the foot of the hill climb Joe Kiely attacked early while leading the group from the front. CJ held station on his wheel until halfway up where he overtook and broke from the pack taking third comfortably and earning himself a hard fought British Cycling point.

Great racing and Caelan will devour his Lindt Gold Bunny later as a treat for all his efforts this Easter.

CJ Alan Rosner 5

Bench 1

Alan Rosner Memorial Bench


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