CJ Eagle 7


While some went looking for fish on Good Friday for their evening meal others went road racing at Hog Hill… Eagle Road Club held their annual circuit race and CJ had no delusions of picking up a first in the under 10’s category like previously in the under 8’s.

Twenty odd riders hit the tarmac and from the clip-in CJ pedaled with the big dogs up front. The main protagonists were in attendance being Joe Kiely and Tom Davies of Welwyn Wheelers, James Fraser of Cycle Club Ashwell, Maya Tarlton LVYCC, Mitchell Lacey of Barking & Dagenham CC along with an unknown rider from Willesden Cycling Club.
The lead pack moved at a steady speed with good conditions helping, until two thirds into the race where Maya Tarlton and Mitchell Lacey were dropped off the lead group but within two laps were back in contention awaiting the final bell.
For the final lap the pace got hot with 27 mph hitting his speedo as he fought to stay with the group (pictured). After the final turn and heading up the 150 meter straight to the line saw Caelan in fifth and already out of the saddle winding the crank with head over handlebars. He wanted a podium placing and went hell for rubber taking fourth from James Fraser by a wheel. Top honours went to the mystery Willesden rider with Welwyn taking the other podium places. CJ was extremely satisfied with his mornings catch and his ability to now run with the wolves.   VIDEO OF FINAL SPRINT


  1. Well done Caelan – nice ride and a determined sprint! The Willesden rider was Kye Lewis, currently third in the national U10 rankings (maybe higher after yesterday’s win). A gracious winner too – he came up to James F after the race to shake his hand which was a very sporting gesture.

    • Thanks for the info’… I was thrown as Kye was a Hillingdon rider the last time Caelan locked wheels with him in January. Also it’s good to see the boys being respectful win, lose or crash.

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