Kent Cyclopark held a halloween themed race, but there was nothing scary other than the early Sunday morning wind that chilled the circuit and the ten minute delay on the start line while the racers froze. The under 8’s and 10’s were grouped together, and the first few laps of the 12 lap race had Caelan and Harvey Tadman of Hillingdon Slipstreamers moving ahead of the pack as well as holding their own against two under 10’s who later pulled away. Caelan led most of the race with Harvey pacing him and taking the lead at times. It all came down to the bell with Caelan taking the last corner in front and Harvey slipstreaming him uphill to the line and pulling out to go alongside for a photo finish… Caelan was awarded the win but thought Harvey deserved the victory as he made mistakes, but he can only learn from them in the heat of battle… Great racing and banter with the Tadman family.

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