The Hog Hill Tuesday Tens Time Trial organised by Lea Valley Cycling Club is a weekly series over the Summer at Hog Hill, consisting of eight laps of the 2 kilometre circuit totalling 10 miles. In the first instance I was not sure at 7 years old he should enter but after the first session he was hooked with a time of 39 minutes, 47 seconds. Over the next nine weeks he got down to a personal best of 35 minutes, 32 seconds with an average speed of 16.57 miles per hour overall for the series. He’s looking forward to the day he gets a sub 30 minute and on a flat course he would not have to wait so long but climbing Hog Hill eight times in this Time Trial is no easy feat even for riders on tricked out bikes…  A great organised event catering for all levels and Caelan was happy to receive a medal with his average speed embossed on the back… 2013 starts 14th May at 7.00 p.m.

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