On a cold wet morning on the 8th of July, the National Youth Circuit series rolled into the Garden of England… This was the one many youth racers were peaking towards…  Caelan had no realistic expectation but a top three would have been a blessing… After a poor start due to clipping in he moved through the field to third place which he held until the last lap when overtaken by Hillingdon Slipstreamers Harvey Tadman. Caelan stayed on his wheel to out sprint him to the line and as one of the lead riders crashed out he took second.

The Parc Ferme scrutineers then judged that as access was available to the large chain ring (which was missed by the signing in gear checkers) he would be disqualified, though it was plainly obvious he could and did not ride that ring and no advantage was gained… Rules are rule informed the commissionaire after the appeal was turned down… Great race though.

CJ Nationals

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