National Youth Circuit Series Hillingdon

Two weeks earlier Caelan left Hillingdon with a first under his lycra’s and on a high, but his mother always said there would be days like this… Though maybe when he stated he had a headache in the morning I should have took more notice instead of my default response as I tended to his machine… “Ask your mum for some Calpol” …   :^(

Caelan started with a good grid position but even I knew that wasn’t going to help his Achilles w/heel – the wind. The forecast 24 hours previous had me concerned as strong winds were expected, and as his weekly time trials have shown he could struggle in those conditions.

CJ Hillingdon Nationals 6

Well struggle he did… Lap one had him still in the lead pack that had probably dropped to about twenty of the thirty plus racers but by mid-lap two there was an attack. Caelan got dropped into the second group as he later stated that he just didn’t have any legs. There he remained well off the main group as they traded places with Ben Askey more than often moving the pace.

Unfortunately there was drama to unfold in lap four of six where within the lead group Percy Hampton (Team Royal London 360 IoM) went down taking Bevan Smith (Maindy Flyers) with him. The crash caused another split now making three groups and as Caelan passed the scene he worryingly saw Bevan sitting up and Percy laid still.

National Youth Circuit Series Hillingdon

Caelan’s third placed group of five now pushed ahead to pick up some stray racers ahead of them including Billy Gilbey (VC Londres) as he wanted to salvage something from the day.

By the last lap the leading group contained Max Poole (Lincsquad), Ben Askey (Lichfield City CC), Isabella Escalera (Hillingdon Slipstreamers CC), Tom Davies (Welwyn Wheelers CC) Joe Corbishley (Team Milton Keynes), Joshua Tarling (West Wales Cycle Racing Team) & Joe Kiely (Welwyn Wheelers CC) and they finished well ahead of his group of now six.

He needed to win the third group sprint to be in the top half of the full field which he managed to take.  He was lucky to come in number 14 of the 37 racers or as they say in bingo terms “the lawnmower” as he looked drained and dis-interested.

The honours were taken by Ben Askey, Max Poole and Joshua Tarling respectively with Isabella Escalera taking first girl.  Full Results

National Youth Circuit Series Hillingdon

Video of winning sprint              2nd group sprint               3rd group sprint

Well, this is the end of CJ’s first year experience of the British Cycling National Series, but he’ll be back next year for part deux under 10’s that’s if he doesn’t hang up his wheels. He also probably learned more in this National race than the previous two were he took fifth.

Yeah, he was upset as he’d never had a double figure placing in his short life (they’ll be more), but I guess you have to taste the salty tears of disappointment to fully appreciate the sweet taste of your brief successes. He also knows if you have a bad race at National level, you’ll land on that long snake that takes you all the way down to the bottom of the board.

Lastly, a speedy recovery to both injured warriors.

Ciao for now.


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